Johnny Campbell  and  The Detours
..... a collection of live videos from the immediate past decade .....

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(these are all complete VideoClips taken from original live recordings)

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  Apache   (John Campbell. Live - Christchurch Cathedral)
  Baby What's Wrong   (JC+Detours '97. Live - Christchurch Civic)
  Because   (JC+Detours '09. Live - Cashmere Club)
  Glad All Over   (JC+Detours '09. Live - Cashmere Club)
  Lament Of The Cherokee Indian   (JC+Detours '09. Live - Cashmere Club)
  Little Boy Sad   (JC+Detours '09. Live - Cashmere Club)
  My Girl   (Johnny Campbell and The Detours. '65 Robbins Commercial Release. RRSP54.A, synched with '97 Video)
  The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt   (JC+Detours '09. Live - Cashmere Club)
  Theme From The Deer Hunter   (John Campbell. Live - Christchurch Cathedral)
  Walk Don't Run   (John Campbell. Live - Christchurch Cathedral)

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